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India WINDCARE company representatives to visit BeijingHangfeng company

August 2021, 2015, Beijing hangfengkewei received WINDCARE company engineering and technical director, Mr Kalimuthu??s visiting. Wind power equipment in oil delivery and purchasing my company to follow-up cooperation to negotiate the exchange, both of us satisfied results have been achieved.

In this twoday??s trip, Mr Kalimuthu visited Beijing headquarters, laboratories and Tongzhou production workshop. Beijing Hangfeng Chairman Mr.Deng received Sir Kalimuthu, and introduces the basic situation of the company, main products and services. 


At the same time, BeijingHangfeng and India WINDCARE company reaches broad consensus on further cooperation. President Deng said, had a very pleasant cooperation with India WINDCARE company, and also hope to form a strategic partnership with WINDCARE company. The BeijingHangfeng company is fully capable of provide more series of products with international standards. Mr.Kalimuthu gives a high evaluation of BeijingHangfeng??s products and says it will further promote and expand the cooperation.


BeijingHangfeng independently research and development production of FDH type oil changing machine for wind turbine, KLD series oil pollution detection equipment, DC series oil metal detection equipment, HN series filtration equipment and other products and have reached the international advanced level of similar equipment, has a strong competitive advantage.


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