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China Wind Power 2014 ended. Industry welcome a pragmatic growth period

22-24 October 2014, Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition held in China International Exhibition Center. Integrate the whole industry chain of the industry, more than 500 domestic and international exhibitors covering almost all well-known wind power enterprises and institutions. Proven experience in the market and wind power companies to meet again in Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, and brought their latest technologies and research results. Media and industry veterans have said, this far ahead of the grand exhibition of wind energy for two years, the number of exhibitors, quality, product richness, the number of exhibitors and so hit a new high in recent years; exhibitors disappearance hole head vigorously, and pragmatic problem-solving is the main industry is washed Magnificence, with the support of national policy, it is expected to grow into the pragmatic and healthy development track.
      Wind power is one of China's strategic emerging industries. China promulgated in 2005 to implement the "Renewable Energy Law", the legal aspects of protection and support from the wind power industry. China's wind power installed capacity has been ranked first in the world. 2013, China's wind power 134 900 000 000 million, the third largest power following the thermal power, hydropower later.
      The development of wind power industry has many underlying problems began to emerge. Wind farm siting, machine design, gear boxes and other key equipment design and manufacturing, raise the level of operation and maintenance, power generation efficiency improvement, etc., we have become increasingly concerned by the whole industry, wind power companies, equipment suppliers and other related companies The urgency of the problem, the importance of universal consensus. At the meeting, big data, new materials, new technology, new thinking, new practices frequently appeared. Although the term is not new, but a lot of the substance of the depth of the lot, to solve the problem of the breadth and depth of greatly enhanced.
      In the early construction of large wind farms, wind power enterprise business is too complicated, making it difficult to take into account the gear box oil conditions and other factors of production. With a large number of wind farms put into stable operation, operation and maintenance of the importance of gradually highlighted. According to the research practice a number of domestic wind farms and Yanshan University and other academic institutions, more than 70% fan failure associated with the oil, the oil pollution on the fan life, no significant impact uptime and so on. According to authoritative international third party evaluation, enter in the oil pollution monitoring and filtering invest in lubricant savings (extended service life), income maintenance and equipment than the equipment lifetime is 1: 5:10, significant economic benefits, not to mention the impact on the power generation and other key indicators of the production.
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