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Beijing Hangfeng was Selected as the Sample Stock of Three-Board Index

On the new board, the March 18, 2015 is a milestone, three board into that (899,001) and three board-making (899002) Two new three board index released on this day. Beijing Hang Fung (430,111) was selected as the three panels into that sample unit.
Beijing Hang Fung Kewei Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, a national high-tech enterprises, is a leading equipment supplier health proactive maintenance program. A number of core technology by the State High-tech product innovation and promotion fund to support, and won a number of scientific research progress awards.
April 2012, Beijing Zhongguancun Hangfeng successfully listed three new board, marking the company's development has entered a new era. Companies with strong technical force as the basis, with the capital markets continue to integrate the advantages of resources, the three board selected into that sample stocks, once again demonstrates the capital market in Beijing Hang Fung recognized and affirmed.
Three new board as the GEM second-level capital market, contains a large number of outstanding high-growth companies, and is expected to turn board system, more so with the rotatable plate potential of the enterprise in advance favored capital. A lot of good, making the new three-panel market at a new 'air' on. Increased mobility of the occasion, investors are flocking admission, since March, the turnover in the three new board rose sharply.
Enter 2015, along with the city do to improve the activity of corporate transactions, market-making transactions daily turnover has been steady station on the billion mark, making market trading become the mainstream market three new board trading, more and more Institutional investors are flocking admission, further demonstrated the value of listed companies.
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