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Hang Fung Beijing Science Park groundbreaking ceremony

July 18, 2015, Hang Fung Beijing Science Park groundbreaking ceremony was held in Beijing Fangshan high-end manufacturing base. Beijing high-end manufacturing base management committee deputy director Cuimei Li, deputy director of the Beijing high-end manufacturing base CMC Yang Wei, chief representative of the Aviation Military Representative Office in Beijing Lu Jian, Beijing Hang Fung Kewei Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., Deng can, general manager of Beijing Hang Fung Kewei Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Wei, deputy general manager of Venture Investment in Zhongguancun Development Co., Ltd. Wei Qiang, Lawrence (Beijing) Pump Co., Ltd., general manager Xue light and other leaders and guests, as well as Beijing Hangfeng All employees, construction and supervision units attended the ceremony.

      Deng, chairman of Hang Fung Beijing Representative warmly welcomed the arrival of distinguished guests leadership, and expressed gratitude for the support over the years Beijing Hang Fung development for all. He said that the construction of Beijing Science Park Hang Fung will lay a solid foundation for the future development of the company, Beijing Hang Fung will continue to follow the policy of both military and civilian, based on manufacturing equipment, expand Hangfeng brand.

     Beijing high-end manufacturing base Cui Meili CMC vice chairman and chief representative of military aviation in Beijing Representative Office Lu Jian speech respectively.Cui Meili  deputy director of the government and the district on behalf of Fangshan District, Beijing Hang Fung Technology Park started the congratulations and hope that this project has become a model for Hang Fung Beijing Fangshan and close cooperation. Lu Jian chief representative in his speech thanked the Beijing Hang Fung military equipment over the years to contribute to the cause of construction and defense, and encouraged Beijing Hang Fung in the future to provide more quality products and service support for the troops.


     Construction and operation of Hang Fung Beijing Science and Technology Park, is both Beijing Hang Fung was established in 2007, another landmark event in 2012 listed three new board after the company's development will inject new power source.

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