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KLD-T Benchtop Oil Contaminant Analyzer

Product Type?? KLD-T
logo?? Beijing Hangfeng
Manufacturer?? Beijing Hangfeng

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KLD-T Series is particularly appropriate to laboratory research for testing industrial oil contaminant in offline way.

It tests various types of oil according to 7 contamination degrees, such as ISO4406, NAS1638, etc. It is a standard itself to calibrate oil condition.


1.Sample test for lab research, calibration, general usage with much higher accuracy.

2.7???? touch screen, bilingual languages interface, easy operation.

3.16 oil test channels.

4.7 standards of contamination degree, such as ISO4406, NAS1638.

5.Able to test under 2 standards simultaneously; able to shift standards.

6.Connect to PC via RS-232 or bluetooth.

7.Printer installed.




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