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Research of continuously on-line detecting device with high reliability for wear debris in lubrication oil

SUN Yan-shan1??2  WU Guo-tong2  DENG Ke2  MA Wen-bo1

(1 Tianjin University, State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instrument, Tianjin 300072;2 BEIJING HANG FENG KE WEI EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD??BEIJING??100141??

Abstract: Aircraft engine bearing parts wear is the main cause of engine failure. Lubricating oil wear debris continuously on-line monitoring can effectively find the aircraft engine sudden severe wear and failure, timely warning to avoid a major accident plane. In the process of wear debris on-line detection, complex vibration and electromagnetic interference noise are main technical barriers. Using wavelet transform method and kurtosis statistics filter method implements real-time on-line de-noising efficiently. Through a third party test comparisons and equipped with engine test and actual test bench test, show that sensor reliability, high anti-interference ability. This sensor product has been used on the plane, wind power gear box, and the steam turbine widely,  become an important means of large equipment maintenance actively.

Keywords: wear debris; on-line detection; wavelet de-noise??Statistical kurtosis filter ;




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